Todas las ofertas de trabajo en Londres vía twitter


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  • I worked in Kazakhstan(Asia), Nigeria(Africa), and my experience is based on maintenance-process, EPCM Electrical Foreman, O & M Supervisor/Electrician, Rig Drilling (installation/maintenance/repair), erection, electrical testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning by more than 28 years of experience Oil & Gas
    production, refining and petrochemical, power generation, pumping station, construction,
    production facilities, installing & evaluating electrical/mechanical driver power & control systems, variable speed controller equipments. Carries out electrical equipment faults finding and repair work.Diagnoses, checks and repairs faults on various items of equipment in the power generation and distribution system, including AC generators, and auto voltage regulators, synchronising equipment and protection relays. Uses multimeters, Insulation resistance meters, and cable fault location techniques on motors, electronic control systems and circuit breakers. Repairs faults by repairing or replacing parts on relays, breakers, contractors, isolators and other switchgear components. Testing unit using various test equipment (voltmeters, current meters etc) before and after repairs, to ensure work has been carried out correctly.

    Besides accomplishments including:
    Highly qualified and professional team leader in Electrical and Operational activities.
    Integration of Productivity solutions, Quality and Safety in Electrical faults.

    Knowledge of Electric Codes and all Safety Rules, Procedures including Wearing Required Personal Safety Equipment, also different standards work permits avoiding risks in classified area, environment and operation.
    Continuous training and focus on Quality Health Safety and Environment Protection (QHSE).

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